Our clients at KAMM enjoy a personal warm and friendly touch.

About Us

Kamm & Associates (K&A) was incorporated on 12 September 2005. Kamm & Associates is a business service company specializing in document preparation, tax, bookkeeping & accounting and business consultant services.

With over 4 years of combined experience and knowledge, Kamm & Associates specializes in the unique needs of the individual and small business owner. It provides the personal attention the client deserves.

The fact is a huge amount of companies fail. In the United Kingdom alone a world leader in commerce 307 a week fail and over half can be attributed to bad money management. The lucky ones that do survive owe their success to luck, niche products and mainly through accurate, efficient and thorough book keeping practices.

The problem client’s face is the rising cost of professional accounting which is not readily available to the smallest of companies. Kamm & Associates is proud to offer the perfect solution. Kamm & Associates is working out partnerships worldwide to provide the highest quality answer to even the smallest business.

The client can provide for themselves and their family without having to worry or rely on the goodwill of others. The client will have a global customer base and the benefit of expert advice on hand to guide them through the minefield that is business.

A customer service expert will enable the client to turn that one sale into a loyal frequent customer who will shout about the client to all the contacts, telling them they really are the best thing ever!

Our Mission

To make quality professional services affordable to small and medium size business

Our Goal

To offer small and medium size business the latest in technology for accounting, taxation, book-keeping and document preparation, document transmission and sharing.

Our Key principles

Impeccable customer service is paramount.

Affordable and cost effective is essential.

The human touch is missing from business and the world today.

Talk to us, learn from us, and let us learn from you.

The clients has nothing to lose and only the dreams to gain

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  • K&A has an impressive list of clients, all who have been more than satisfied with the quality and integrity of their work.

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