Our clients at KAMM enjoy a personal warm and friendly touch.

Document Preparation and Business Centre

Kamm & Associates can provide the expertise, the technology, and the trained document professionals to provide completely scalable, competitively priced and consistent solutions, resulting in a more cost-effective and convenient experience for the small and medium business.

Copy and Print Services

Whatever the client’s needs and goals, Kamm & Associates is here to make the client shine. The broad range of services and expertise can help the client not just complete the projects, but also bring them to life.

Come in with unfinished projects and leave with polished confidence. The ease, convenience and quality of the services can help the client turn the dreams into reality, or originals into high-quality duplicates. It all depends on how big the clients want to go. If the cannot decide which product or service is best, Kamm & Associates team members will give the client benefits to help best weigh the options.

When it comes to copies, business people need them fast. The businessperson needs them impeccably done. That is why Kamm & Associates offers professional, high-velocity reproduction services. Here is what the team members and technology can do for the client:

Black & White Copying

Reproduce black & white documents, photographs and presentations in sizes up to 11” x 17” and up to 50 pages per minute

Cut time and costs for text-heavy and more economical projects

Hand off larger and more complex projects to a team member for full-service copying

Need Finishing

Assemble documents into a stellar presentation with binding and finishing services.

Need a computer workstation to get the job done

Digital Printing

In today’s digital world, everyone expects a certain level of quality and polish — particularly when it comes to printing. That is why Kamm & Associates offers professional, high-velocity colour and black & white printing services.

Black & White Printing

Create crisp and sharp prints

Print on a variety of sizes, all the way to large format

Get smaller jobs in and out fast with high-quality self-service printing

Avoid smudging with ink that dries more completely than toner

Save time by handing off high-volume projects to our full-service black & white printing


Full-Colour Printing

Take projects to the next level — create crisp and clean photos and colour images, like charts and graphs

Print on a variety of sizes, all the way to large format

Elevate the impact and quality of documents with greater precision and accuracy than copying

Produce smaller jobs faster with self-service printing

Free up time by handing off high-volume projects to Kamm & Associates full-service colour printing

Large-Format Printing and Scanning

Kamm & Associates has state-of-the-art equipment for large-format copying, scanning and digital printing. Copy black & white plan sets fast in our self-service area, or a team member can assist the client with full-service reprographics.

Need Finishing

Assemble documents into a stellar presentation with binding and finishing services. Visit the business centre and ask a team member how digital printing can make the clients next job a standout.

Document Creation Services

Perception is reality. Image is everything. Look the part. Whatever the mantra, if the client wants to be successful, they first have to look successful. Whether it is a dream in the head or a sketch on a napkin, Kamm & Associates can take the big ideas and turn them into a polished business identity and brand.

The team members trained to deliver premium, yet affordable documents, designs and more. Whether it is a business card or company letterhead, you need a consistent, well-designed image conveyed to the client’s customers. At Kamm & Associates, emphasis made on the client’s identity and corporate communications well branded at every touch point.

If the clients are looking to create an exceptional business identity, the design specialists can help create:

High-impact announcements and invitations

Enticing brochures

Professional envelopes

Show-stopping fliers

Elegantly designed forms

High-quality labels

Engaging manuals

Branded memo pads

Well-executed proposals

Typically, an initial layout can be prepared in less than 24 hours, but turnaround times do vary. Contact a design specialist today and make that dream a reality.

Finishing Services

Once the client has invested in high-quality printouts and copies, they do not want to leave them in the box. Let Kamm & Associates help put the final touch on the project with the range of finishing services.

Here are some ways Kamm & Associates can help plus up the presentation and make the client shine:

Mounting - foam board adds stability and durability to artwork, portfolio pieces, posters and presentations

Laminating - protect and preserve important documents with a professional, spill-proof matte or glossy finish

Binding - keep documents and presentation materials together for better organization, a smoother read and a more polished presentation. Select from a variety of binding options

Collating - organize complex documents and large projects

Cutting - cut your documents to a variety of sizes, from half-size to quarter-page

Drilling - drill holes into stacks of paper for binding and storage purposes

Folding - use machine folds to give 2-sided projects a crisp presentation. Options include half-folds, tri-folds and Z-folds

Padding - turn your paper into easy-to-use notepads

Stapling - hold together loose papers for greater portability

Ask a team member what options work best for the business. The client would be amazed at what the proper finish can do for the presentation, and quite possibly the career.

Large Format Services

Kamm & Associates business centre has state-of-the-art equipment for large-format copying, scanning and digital printing.

The range of services means that everything from a single oversized copy to a complete package of bid sets, including plans and specifications, will look professional and help the client design, bid and build effectively. Services include:

Large-format copies

Large-format digital prints

Scan-to-file in black & white and colour

Enlargements and reductions

Shipping of plans and specifications

Self-Service Copying

The client can make oversized black-and-white copies themselves quickly and easily in the self-service area, or a team member will be glad to assist the client. The client can also scan to file in black & white or high-resolution colour and a team member will save the files on a CD for them.

Drop off the hard-copy documents or digital files and a team member will reproduce them for the client. The client can also submit digital files online

Computer Rental Services

Whether the client wants to produce professional documents, create stunning graphics, surf the internet, update the résumé or simply check e-mail, Kamm & Associates business centre makes it easy and affordable, 12 hours a day, and seven days a week.

Kamm & Associates workstations are state-of-the art machines loaded with popular operating systems, software, typefaces and web browsers. The Kamm & Associates business centre even has high-end design workstations with special software and high-resolution scanners. The centre also offers laptop-docking stations.

All our rental computers connected to black & white and colour laser printers, so the client can print letter, legal, tabloid size prints. The centre also has the capability of high-speed output and oversize printing in black and white or colour.

Here are just some of the popular software packages available on Kamm & Associates office rental computers:

Microsoft® Office 2007 Professional plus: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher

Adobe® CS3 Suite: Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker and In Design

Scan Soft® Omni Page

Internet software: Internet Explorer 7 and Fire fox 2

Chat software: AIM, MSN, and Yahoo!

If the client does not see the software they are looking for, find out if it is available. It also can provide computer rental pricing information.

Fax Services

Need to send or receive a fax but and do not have a fax machine. Let Kamm & Associates be the solution.  Visit the business centre.

Kamm & Associates offers self serve fax machine where the client can send and receive local, domestic and international faxes. A free fax cover sheet provided and the client will receive a confirmation that the fax sent for the records. Go to the centre and obtain the fax number of the Kamm & Associates business centre. The fax held until the client is able to pick up. Let Kamm & Associates business centre be the fax solution.

CD and DVD Reproduction Service

Kamm & Associates centre is the one stop for CD and DVD duplicating needs. Now the client can send important video, photos or documents to family and friends or leave behind that electronic copy of the presentation with business associates.

The client can do it all using the high storage capacity, convenience and portability of CDs or DVDs. The client can even personalize each CD or DVD with surface printing of full-colour custom images, logos, a company name or a customer name. It is hard to resist sharing when it is so easy


Distribute important presentations, proposals, PDF files and reports to multiple parties with custom surface printing. Archive the important files on a single, convenient disc.


Make high-quality copies of digital home video, instructional sales materials, product demonstrations, special events and other video applications.


Present the original material professionally on a CD with custom labelling and graphics. Put together selected songs for special events such as weddings, birthdays or graduation and send them to friends and family.


Share the selections with friends and family or store all of the photos on disc for safekeeping.

Attractive, affordable, professional surface printing

Conventional adhesive CD labels will eventually crack, peel and discolour. With our thermal ribbon print technology, custom images and text printed directly and permanently onto every CD or DVD. Full-colour photos, artwork and text will stay sharp and vibrant, because they are directly printed onto the CD or DVD.

That is just the beginning. Come in and see what we can do for you.

To learn more, call or visit the business centre.

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