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Debt Management Services

Kamm & Associates proposes to offer clients Debt Management outsourced services using its effective debt management systems and procedures.

Our experience clearly demonstrates that any successful debt recovery method must be sustainable and systematic and should incorporate the application of a credit rating impact on a debtor. That impact, unlike traditional debt recovery practices, can be immediate. The application of credit rating impact is proven worldwide.

Assistance with Record Keeping

Kamm & Associates offers online services - preparing the books using online Quick Books - enabling clients to access their records, reports online.

Document Preparation and Business Centre

Kamm & Associates can provide the expertise, the technology, and the trained document professionals to provide completely scalable, competitively priced and consistent solutions, resulting in a more cost-effective and convenient experience for the small and medium business.

Copy and Print Services

Whatever the client’s needs and goals, Kamm & Associates is here to make the client shine. The broad range of services and expertise can help the client not just complete the projects, but also bring them to life.

Financial Management

Kamm & Associates are committed to the client’s success, operating as an extension of the team. Kamm & Associates has detailed knowledge in leading financial applications, global configurations, integration, conversions, interfaces, and key business analysis and reporting needs. Kamm & Associates team is well versed in key financial processes, including:

Accounting to financial reports.

Assets to disposal.

Treasury and cash management.


Project accounting

Procure to pay

Order to cash

Bookkeeping Assistance and Accounts Department Services

Kamm & Associates will provide the client with all the basic bookkeeping solutions they need at a lower cost when compared to having a bookkeeper on staff. The client assigned a bookkeeper that will know the business inside and out. The client can count on us to keep their business on top of their financial issues.

Software Setup and Implementation

Kamm & Associates designs the most efficient process to obtain the desired results for the company. We train the client on the steps to take to get Kamm & Associates the information. Kamm & Associates takes care of the data entry, supervision of the bookkeeping & accounting functions, and produces timely, customized reports for the owner of the company.

Tax preparation and internal revenue assistance

Did someone say taxes? It is the clients’ hard-earned money. Kamm & Associates does not let more of it go for taxes than required. With additions and changes in the tax laws every year, no wonder taxes can be confusing.

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