Our clients at KAMM enjoy a personal warm and friendly touch.

Software Setup and Implementation

Kamm & Associates designs the most efficient process to obtain the desired results for the company. We train the client on the steps to take to get Kamm & Associates the information. Kamm & Associates takes care of the data entry, supervision of the bookkeeping & accounting functions, and produces timely, customized reports for the owner of the company.

Implementation Methodology

Kamm & Associate’s Sure Success Methodology ensures that your financial systems implementation is well executed with successful results. Our proven approach, teamed with Quick Books Application implementation methodology, delivers best practice configurations from delivered software functionality.

Kamm & Associates provides a defined set of activities and deliverables throughout each stage of the process. In addition, Kamm & Associates leverages its own on shore associates to accelerate delivery of turnkey, quality solutions because we can work around the clock.

Kamm & Associates experienced consultants possess critical project facilitation skills that promote buy-in from key stakeholders and lay the groundwork for an effective application rollout. The delivery team conducts workshops to review important business issues. Kamm & Associates also assigns a Delivery Executive to every project, ensuring the engagement runs smoothly and that quality results aligned with the project’s overall goals and your specific business needs.

Platforms: UNIX, Microsoft Windows® operating systems from 98 to 2008 on, Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse)

Networking: TCP/IP, Novell, Banyan, ISO/OSI, IPX/SPX, SMS/SQL, Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, VPN, SSH, SecureID, PKI

Tools: LAN Manager, ISA, Checkpoint Firewall, Norton Firewall and Ghost, McAfee/Norton Virus Protection Utilities, AVG Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office System (including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Outlook®), Microsoft Project, and Microsoft FrontPage®, SharePoint server, Access Control Technology (Actatek)


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  • K&A has an impressive list of clients, all who have been more than satisfied with the quality and integrity of their work.

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